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As you get close to finishing up your airplane, you need to think about FAA requirements to be met during your FAA Inspection.  One thing you are going to need is a PASSENGER WARNING Placard.  Made from durable plastic, this one is exactly what you need.  Available in Black or White lettering.

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Inspired by Richard Rivera in Florida, this RV7 kit will provide you with access through your cowling into the equipment bay behind the control panel.  Cover plate is flush mounted and comes complete with backing plate rivets and flush mounted stainless steel screws for the cover plate.

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If  you are building a RANS Airplane, you are going to need to put a bunch of Access Opening in various places on the airplane.  The RANS Access Kit is available, but here is a replacement kit that I think you will find more convenient to install, has a larger opening, and will fit the RANS predrilled holes for their Access Kit.  The backing plate is 6061T6 .032, the cover plate is .020 thick.  Comes with nut plates mounted and includes stainless steel screws for the cover plate.

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Using the same backing plate as the RWAK above, here is an Access Kit that will mount the Dynon Pitot Tube on it's cover plate.  Both backing place and Pitot Mount Plate are made out of 6061T6 .032 for extra strength.  Is designed to fit the predrilled holes in the RANS wing but can be adapted to any airplane wing.  See the pictures at the bottom of the RANS page link.

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OneX Fuselage Bottom Access Kit
Dennis in Chelsea MI, and Woody in Florham Park NJ are both building a OneX.  Both wanted access into the bottom of the fuselage.  Here is the final design, worked on by both, that allows you access into the "Belly Of The Beast"

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This design, inspired by Bruce Patten on the East Coast, will provide easy access to the Turtle Deck of the Thatcher CX4 he is building.  Held closed by a single quarter turn slotted SouthCo 1/4 fastener, access to the area if very easy.  Would be a great additional to any build that needs access to the Turtle Deck.

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If you are building a Thatcher CX4, you are going to have to build two access openings in the tail cone of the fuselage.  This is a very tight area and needs as much access opening as possible.  This access kit is designed to make the largest opening you can have in the area.  The backing plate comes un-drilled so you can match it to the holes in your existing skin.  Makes a very nice flush access opening when installed.  Kit comes with 2 complete access opening kits.

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If you are building a Thatcher CX4, you are going to need to build and install two Rudder Pedal Inspection Openings.  Designed to Thatcher specifications, this pair of Inspection Openings will save you a lot of time.  All you need do is cut the opening, rived the backing plate in place, and screw on the cover plate.  Makes a very nice looking flush mounted Inspection Opening very easy to do.

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If you building a CH-750, you may want to consider the additions that Jeff Millburg made to his project.  Wanting easy access to the sliding seat rack bolts, and needing access  into the tail cone for yearly inspection, sparked the development of this new Access Kit.  It was specifically  designed to give Jeff that access.

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Dave in Bangor ME is building a CH-750.  He needed a Fuel Tank Access Kit to allow access to the outboard side of the tanks, to install return lines.  This is his design, and it even replaces the surface mount access covers supplied by Zenith.  The end result, a fully flush mounted cover plate for the accessed area.

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Ken Ryan in Anchorage AK, who is building a CH-750, wanted easy access to adjust the length of the Flaperon Push rod.  This very small access kit provides the solution he was looking for.   This is about the smallest Access Opening Kit that I can build, and it seemed to be exactly what he was looking for.

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Peter Autenried, who is building a CH-750, needed a special access panel to get to fuel shutoff valves and wiring at the wing root of his CH-750 wings.   This new design really fits the bill.  Hinged door is held shut with 7 1/4 turn  SouthCo latches, making it really easy to get to the parts concealed inside the trailing edge, at the wing root of the CH-750 wings.

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This is a new product as of October 2011.  Custom designed and built for Jimmy Young in Texas, this Access Kit is installed behind the seat of the CH-750 to allow access to items in the belly of the airplane.  Easy to install and use, this kit can be used anywhere on your airplane for access to a concealed area within.

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 Inspired by a request from Einar-Arne in Norway, who was building a Zenith CH-701,  this Wing Tip Inspection Opening is custom built to give you access into the wing tip area of your airplane.  Can be used in a lot of other places as well.

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This Trailing Edge Inspection Opening is an idea from Vance in Idaho.  Vance is building a Zenith 701 with dual fuel tanks and needed a way to access the internal connections.  This inspection opening can  be used in any number of places, but was specifically designed for the 701 trailing edge.

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Another new product as of April 2012.  This is a smaller, but similar, inspection opening to the WTAK above.  A minimum size backing plate with as large as possible opening size makes this an attractive inspection opening for use in those places where a larger one will just not fit in.

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A new product as of  April 2015.  Brad in Australia is building a Mustang and needed 4 Locking Fuel Fill Doors for his wings.  This product is the result of his need.  Can be installed with a flush mounted door, or my standard installation with a top and bottom plate.  Check out the details!

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Ever since Zenith enlarged the baggage compartment in the CH-701, there has been a lot of pilots who have mentioned how difficult it is to get to the back of their compartment.  Here is the answer, a Baggage Door Kit that can be installed on either side of the airplane, or even on both.  Check out the details!

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Here is a very handy inspection door with a single key lock latch.  Pictures show where Dennis mounted it in his CH-701.  Overall size is 10 X 12 inches.  Actual opening size is 9 1/2 X 7 1/2.    I am sure you can find many places on your airplane where you would like to be able to look inside to service a rear mounted battery or ELT.
    (NOW AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES  10" X 12" & 11" X 13")
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Do you need an easy way to give access to an area in your airplane?  Sometimes you need a way to get to a Control System Mixer, or an ELT or Battery in the rear of the Fuselage.  This Large Access Panel Kit will provide the access you need.  Easily installed, comes with everything you need for the job except for the standard rivets.  Nine (9) Stainless screws hold the door securely in place.

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Do you need a Latched Opening Cover Kit for either checking your oil or getting to a recessed fuel filler in a wing?  This complete kit comes ready to install.  All you need to do is cut a 6" X 5" opining, drill the rivet holes, and install.  Makes a really neat looking finished access door.

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Here is just what you need to give you immediate access to the area behind the seat of the CH-701.  Easily check your control mixer, or like Dennis does in N701NH, get in to check or change your fuel filter.  Designed to be mounted on either side, this handy fuselage opening is much easier to get into than the normal bottom opening under the fuselage.  Put one on both sides!

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When you are fitting your fuel filler opening into your wing skin, it is often difficult to get a really good fit.  There are a lot of ways to make it look better, but  I think you will find this Fuel Fill Trim Ring is just what you are looking for.  Cut from 6061 T6 aluminum and lined with a tight fitting nylon grommet, it really adds that finishing touch you need on your airplane.

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 Now available, a new series of Instrument Panel Bezels, Adaptors, & Covers.   CNC Machined, the Bezels can be used to cover up any rough instrument openings in your  home made panel, as well as used as a template to cut your panel openings.  Machined  from 6061-T6 they are ready for you to powder coat or paint to match your aircraft panel.

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If you are building an Experimental Airplane you are going to need to build 2 or 3 inspection openings into each wing.  These will give you access to the Wing Tip Strobe Unit, the Fuel Gauge Sender, and the Fuel Tank Outlet.  This Inspection Opening Kit will save you hours of building time.  Available with .016, .020 & .025 Cover Plate to match your skin thickness.

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Now available, conventional Inspection Opening Kits.  You often need a small Inspection Opening or even several in your Experimental Airplane.  These round Inspection Openings are available in 3.5, 4, and 4.5 inch openings sizes.  Just the right size to open and inspect the internal parts of the wing, stabilizer, or fuselage.  Only 6 screws to remove for easy access to hidden parts.

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Now available, custom built Air Vent Mounting Plates.  All you need to do is provide me with the dimensions of your Air Vent and I will build a pair of mounting plates for under your panel or on the side wall of your fuselage.

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Now available, tie down rings for your Experimental Airplane.   CNC Machined, this pair of tie down rings are very easy to install.  Just cut a slot in the bottom wing skin, along the flat side of a rib and rivet into place.  The ring opening hangs below the wing skin and look very professional.  Makes it very easy to tie down.

Click Here For Details A great looking Data Plate, just what you need for that custom finished look on your airplane. CNC Milled into a piece of  6061 T6 Aluminum, this Data Plate puts the finishing touch on your years of work.  The CNC Milling and the Custom Logo add a special touch that I think looks much nicer than using those little alpha numeric punches or using an engraving tool.  You can even paint it to match the color of your airplane.  How cool that is!
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No matter how hard you try, it is very difficult to get the openings in the wing for the Fuel Drain to come out the size you want it and have it perfectly centered as well.  This Fuel Drain Trim Plate is just what you need to add that finished look to your Fuel Drain.  Just glue them in place and your have a perfect looking opening with the Fuel Drain peeking through.
Click Here For Details Everybody builds a panel differently.    If you need help designing and building your panel, I can provide as little or as much help as you need.  I do not supply any instruments or panel components, but can do much of the grunt work of getting your panel ready for mounting of your components.