Inspired by builder  Richard Rivera  in  Florida, this RV7  Access Kit Is Especially Designed For The                             Electronics Bay Behind The Control Panel                        

CNC cut for repeatable accuracy & close tolerance   from .032  6061 T6 Aluminum


Comes with everything you need to install in your airplane

Richards design allows access through the cowling for access behind the panel.

 Above is how the pair of Access Panels look installed in the RV7 cowling.


Backing Plate Is Installed With Supplied  3/32 Rivets


Flush Fit Stainless Steel Screws Are Supplied With The Kit





Here You Can See The Detail Of The Backing And Cover Plate As Supplied.



All Kits Come With Rivets For Backing Plate And Stainless Steel Flush Philips Head Screws 

Backing Plate Size:  11"  X  6.5"   Opening Size:  9"  X  4.5"


Cover Plate For RV7 is .032  Thickness Can Be .016, .020, .025, or .032 For Other Airplane Applications


    CLICK HERE To Download Assembly Instructions   


  Please inquire for out of country additional shipping costs  

  Single Kit:      $   66.84   (PN-RVAK-1)
Two (2) Kits:    $ 127.00    (PN-RVAK-2)
 Four (4) Kits:     $ 240.62   (PN-RVAK-4)

Shipping Packaging &  Handling
By USPS Priority Mail


Mike Chesney
6055 Jordan Rd.
Jackson, MI  49201


    1.  Include PN Number Shown Above With Order 
    2.  Be sure to tell me what thickness you want the cover plates.  
    3.  Send Cash, Check, or Money Order with order.
    4.  Please include your Name, Mailing Address & Zip
    5.  You can pay with
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    6.  If you use PayPal send me an eMail with your order details.
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