When you finish your Experimental Airplane, there are
                          several things that you are going to need to pass your
                       FAA Inspection.  One of them is a Passenger Warning
               Placard where it can be seen by your passenger.

CNC cut for repeatable accuracy & close tolerance from .050 Plastic Material


Overall Size is 4.14 Inches by 1.14 Inches               

You can hold it in place with double sided tape, super glue, or a couple of small rivets.




    Price Each:   $ 9.95  (PN-PWP)

  Please inquire for out of country additional shipping costs  

Shipping Packaging & Handling


Mike Chesney
6055 Jordan Rd.
Jackson, MI  49201


    1. Comes only in Black as Shown
    2.  Include PN Number Shown Above With Order   
    3.  Send Cash, Check, or Money Order with order.
    4.  Please include your Name and Mailing Address & Zip
    5.  You can pay with
PayPal to my eMail address:  mike@mykitairplane.com

    6.  If you use PayPal send me an eMail with your order details.

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