Helping You Build Your Dream Panel

As I am sure you can see, from the pictures below,  I really enjoy designing and building panel frameworks.

All of the panels below were designed and built using the ideas that the owner started with.  Throughout the process, the owners made all the final decisions as to layout and instruments.   My task is to integrate all of the parts and pieces into your dream panel.

Panel frames complete, ready to install your instrumets, can cost between $250 & $350, depending on how extesive the build is.  A complete cost estimate will be given once we has settled on a final design.  The whole process can take up to a month, as I make full size drawings, and we go over and decide on all the details.  The actual build takes about a week to get finished and ship.

Building a panel is not for everyone.  If you are interested in saving a lot of time and effort trying to cut perfect holes then I may have the solution you have been looking for.  Everything I make is CNC cut for a perfect fit.

If you are interested, drop me a note,  just click below, and we can start the process from there.

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Below Are Some Of The Panels I Have Designed And Built

The panel above was built for a Zenith 701 for Bob and Mark in Southern Illinois.   (He really liked mine shown below)

The panel above is what I designed and built for my Zenith 701

I built the panel above from the ground up for our EAA Chapter Pacer Project

Above is a panel framework for a Zenith 601 that I built for Steve

Above I built a pair of idenitical panel frames for Zenith 750's for Mike and Dick in Kentucky


Above is one of their 750 panels almost finished

Above is another 750 panel for Jeff in Illinois.  Here we added an Instrument Pod to the bottom of the panel

Above is a KitFox panel face for Bob and Mark in Southern Illinois
Above is a 4 section panel framework for Bill Bear's Zenith 750
Above is a panel I cut and assembled for John Eiler's Harmon Rocket
Sean's One Design - He designed the panel, I cut it for him.  Looks like one very fast airplane!
My Panel Frame Build -- Zenith 750 by Joe Hanz -- Beautiful Job!