Locking Fuel Fill Door Kit 
Can be Flush or Surface Mounted

All Backing Plates Are Cut From .032 6061 T6 For Added Strength
Cover Plates - Your Choice Of .016, .020 , .025  or .032  6061 T6

Pictures Below Are A Step By Step Installation Guide

All parts are CNC cut for repeatable accuracy & close tolerance from
6061 T6 aluminum


These Are The Parts That Make Up The Door Kit .  Not shown, but included in a separate  box, is the locking mechanism with keys, and the gasket sealing material
for the back plate.        

Step 1:  Tape the top plate to where you are going to mount your door.  Make sure the hinge notch is where the bottom of your door will be.  If you want, you can drill the rivet holes now, using the top plate as a template.  Do the four corners first, putting in Cleco's to keep it from moving as you do the rest of the holes.

You Simply cut out the opening, drill rivet holes and rivet into place.


Step 2:  Here is your skin after marking the cut line through the top plate.  Make sure the hinge notch is at the bottom of the door location.  Now carefully cut out the opening.

Here is how your opening should look when completed.


Step 3:  Using the top plate, make sure your opening is exactly the same size as the top plate opening.

Step 4:     Cleco the backing plate in place.  You should have a nice even border showing inside of your skin opening, where the door will close.


If you want a flush mount, all you need to do is put in the final rivets, install the lock, and it is finished.  You will not need to use the top plate at all.

If you want the more conventional "sandwich" mount, like above, you can now put in the rivets, install the lock, and you are done.  


   Here is how the finished "Sandwich" mount looks.

                               Here the lock is open.


            Here is the back view of the closed lock.

      Here is the adjustable holding bolt on the back.



Backing Plate
 7" X 5.75"
5.5" X 4.125"

PLEASE NOTE:  The lower half of the hinge is not drilled!  I advise you to install the lock, adjust the holding bolt so the door is held tightly in place, and then after making sure the door fits exactly in the middle of the opening, drill the 5 final rivet holes through the hinge, using the existing skin and plate holes as a guide.

Before the back plate is put into place, the supplied gasket sealing material needs to be put into place on three sides of the backing plate opening.   Make sure to push it fully on to the backing place.  When riveted into place, it will be held securely in place.

This Locking Fuel Fill Door Kit will save you many hours of work cutting, drilling, and riveting the pieces together.  The hardest part is done for you, all you need to do is cut the wing opening, drill the mounting holes for the Backing Plate, and then put it together with either your flush mount rivets or pulled rivets.   The locks you received are keyed alike.





  Single Kit:       $ 56.45   (PN-LFFD-1)
  Two(2) Kits:     $ 107.26  (PN-LFFD-2)
 Four (4) Kits:     $ 203.22  (PN-LFFD-4)

  Please inquire for out of country additional shipping costs  

Shipping Packaging & Handling
$10.00 Per Order
By USPS  Priority Mail


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    1.  Specify Cover Plate thickness, .016, .020, or .025
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