TRIM RING  ON Jimmy Youngs's ZENITH CH-750



These CNC milled Trim Plates are just what you need to add a finished look to your wing fuel filler openings. Comes with Nylon Trim Ring in place.  Simply rivet them in place with your standard rivets.  Custom cut to fit your airplane.


Gordon Arbeitman's 750  Has The Nose Skin Overlap On Top
He Trimmed The Fuel Fill Trim Ring To Fit 

Mike Chesney
6055 Jordan Rd.
Jackson, MI  49201

                          Part Number PN-FFTP
A lot of the tank filler necks are 59mm in diameter.  I will custom build your
Filler Trim Rings to fit your particular Filler Neck.  Carefully measure the
outside diameter of your fuel filler neck, to the closest millimeter.  

Your finished Trim Ring will be built  exactly one (1) millimeter larger than your filler tube.  This will provide a very nice fit to the nylon grommet. Ring width will be approximately 19mm, (.75") with pre-cut rivet holes.


    1.  Send Cash, Check, or Money Order with order.
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    3.  You can pay with PayPal to my eMail address:

    4.  If you use PayPal send me an eMail with your order details.
  Be sure to specify the diameter of your Fuel Filler Neck  
    6.  Include Part Number Above With Your Order
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1 Pair Of CNC Milled Trim Plates
  Postage in U.S.
  $6.00 Per Order  

Please send email for out of country
additional postage cost.


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