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My name is Mike Chesney and like most of you, I have a passion for working on experimental aircraft. My day job is working for the University of Michigan's aeromedical service, Survival Flight, where I work as a flight nurse. When I'm not at work, I'm usually out in the shop working on my Zenith CH750 Cruzer project.  This passion has also resulted in me creating parts for other builders who desire to have well designed, factory looking parts on their projects.

The mill I use was built by George Race who purchased parts and built his own CNC Milling Machine. George has been training me to design parts using CAD and in the milling operations to create them.  The precision tolerances of the mill result in a factory looking product that would be difficult to replicate by hand. 


Aside from planes and flying, my other love is fishing.  When time allows, I try to fish as many bass tournaments as I can, through the summer.   My wife Tammy and I have four kids and a new Grandson. We live out in the country with  four dogs that are family and a number of horses ( I never know how many) that keep my wife busy.